Stan and Bruce would like to personally thank you for visiting Enchanted Cottage, Bakersfield’s oldest metaphysical/spiritual store. The lineage of Enchanted Cottage dates back to the 1970s when Orville and Melinda opened the original Insight Book Store. We are thrilled, honored, and humbled to carry on the distinguished tradition of excellence that you have known and trusted. It’s hard to believe that we have owned this spiritual haven since November 10, 2012. In this short amount of time, Enchanted Cottage has evolved into the “hub” of the spiritual community.

Enchanted Cottage is dedicated to empowering our customers, guests, and the community (both local and global). We aspire to be your one-stop shop that offers an exciting, interactive, and holistic environment that is filled with incredible tools and services for personal growth, transformation, and ascension. Our slogan: “We Support All Paths to the Divine.”

Enchanted Cottage stocks a large supply of semi-precious crystals, minerals, candles (figurine, knob, 7-day, 14-day, taper, Reiki-charged, and others), metaphysical/spiritual and Pagan/Wiccan books, CDs, ritual and altar supplies, statues, various art (including fabulous creations from local artists), original jewelry, blended oils, amulets/talisman, tarot and oracle cards, pendulums, scrying mirrors, loose herbs, varieties of sage, sweetgrass braids, palo santo, curtains/tapestries, altar cloths, journals and books of shadows, fairy and dragon figurines, singing bowls, and so many other gift ideas and spiritual supplies. Additionally, we are always bringing in new inventory for your shopping convenience.

At Enchanted Cottage, we always have YOU in mind. Our philosophy is to treat others as we wish to be treated. When you enter, you are happily and authentically greeted and acknowledged. After all, why would you want to do business with a store that ignores you? We are here to help you find what you’re looking for, make suggestions, and answer your questions, but we don’t hover over you. You are welcome to take your time and enjoy your visit with us. There are so many things in which to see; you may need to go through our showrooms repeatedly. In our “library,” you are welcome to peruse books while sitting in our extremely comfortable chairs. Additionally, when the weather is comfortable, you are welcome to relax on our comfortable and shaded patio while enjoying the tranquil sounds of water fountains.

Experience Enchanted Cottage's Magick Bar

We launched our Magick Bar on October 31, 2014. This has been met with such success and is well respected. We personalize candles for you based on your intent. Whether you want to attract love, prosperity, protection, healing, courage, strength, or whatever, whether you are paying tribute to someone, we have candles, oils, herbs, and crystals to help. Whether you are having a personalized candle made, mojo bag, etc., you will enjoy the customized service afforded you as well as the exciting process. Everyone loves the customized service they receive, and you will leave knowing that you were well cared for and respected.

Another wonderful thing offered at Enchanted Cottage is New Moon and Full Moon Rituals. All rituals are considered “teaching rituals,” and the public is welcome to participate or simply observe. Rituals are family-friendly (if you bring children, please attend to them to help to ensure proper behavior). There is no charge for attending these rituals; however, donations are accepted and appreciated. Kern County Pagan Circle (KCPC) has called Enchanted Cottage “home” for over ten years and is instrumental in leading many rituals. On Sundays (11:00 AM to 12:30 PM), you are welcome and encouraged to attend informative meetings with KCPC. Meetings are meant to teach, inform, share, support, and educate the public. Many people who attend these meetings have not yet identified their spiritual path. Many are simply “seeking their path,” and the Board and other members of KCPC are quite supportive of these individuals.

Please be sure to check our website periodically as we are always making changes and adding new events, classes, products, and other sessions.

At Enchanted Cottage, everything we do is led by Spirit, and ego is never involved. We are all about you and your personal spiritual path and growth. We embrace all beliefs, and there is never any judgment. If, during your shopping experience, you see areas in need of improvement, please do not hesitate to mention them to us. We strive to exceed your expectations. So, thank you, again, for coming to Enchanted Cottage.

We remain humbly yours,
Stan and Bruce