Today's Tarot Reading

Wednesday March 25th, 2020

Two of Cups Equilibrium

Today’s Tarot Reading
Equilibrium, Knower, Reflection

Well I am back doing readings. This actually helps to keep me grounded as well as giving me something to do during this crazy time.

It’s interesting that these three cards came up together and in the order in which they appeared during the reading. So here we go!

Two of Cups Equilibrium

Card #1: Two of Cups (Equilibrium)

Note that during this time hope is not lost. You may stumble over a rock, but fear not you WILL NOT lose your equilibrium. Currently there are opposing forces that are competing with each other, our fear of uncertainty and our hope for some sense of normality. Everything will soon come to balance.


Sage of Crystals KNower

Card #2: Sage of Crystals (Knower)

This card represents the knowledge that is being gained through this process of isolation. It’s time for a new beginning that will move you to find your true authentic self. In other words you will discover your personal power during this down time.


Two of Worlds Reflection

Card #3: Two of Worlds (Reflection)

Our Old World is changing and being reborn into a perfect sanctuary. It is okay to reflect upon our current situation and our past experiences. Let go of the past and do not worry. We, the Human race and the Earth are evolving into a more Divine Union.

Be Safe & Be Well

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