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New Moon Magic: Prosperity & Abundance Check

New Moon Magic

There is no secret that many people love and worship the Goddess Moon. Knowing how to harness and increase your power during each moon phase can increase your capabilities and make your new moon spells much more incredible. No matter what your spiritual path is, most of us feel a deep connection to the Goddess Moon.

Be awake and mindful of your power when working with the New Moon. For instance, you may feel compelled to do a spell for prosperity and abundance, so go with it. It doesn’t matter which phase the moon is in; however, when the Moon is New (or Dark), your power to manifest what you desire into your life is at its peak.

I have personally found the new moon can add momentum to allow prosperity and abundance. The moon’s radiant energy is responsible for the tides of our oceans. The moon pulls the ocean waves further into shore like a magnet. The moon’s energy force is beautiful.

Farmers from many different cultures around the Earth use the moon’s energy to determine when the best time is at hand for planting crops as well as when to harvest their crops. The different phases of the moon radiate a diverse force of energy.

When the New Moon is in the sky, it’s time for renewal, rebirth, and manifesting. The best time to set the intentions for your goals and desires is during the new moon phase. The best way I know how to set your plans for abundance is to write yourself a check. Writing yourself a check can be exhilarating and increase your intentional powers at the same time. By using the new moon’s energy when writing your prosperity and abundance check allows your goals and desires to manifest in your life quicker than you could ever imagine.

When writing your prosperity and abundance check, it is essential to remember to keep a positive attitude. Having positive energy is the first step in manifestation. The act of writing your prosperity and abundance check (stage two) creates something that you can hold in your hand. Your thoughts are now in the physical world, which makes your goals easier to manifest.

Below is a pdf file you can download and print out. Make the prosperity and abundance check out to yourself, write down the amount you want to manifest, write the date you want the money to come to you, and sign it. Finally, place your check on your altar during the new moon and watch the magic happen.

Bank of Prosperity and Abundance

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