Live Aura Imaging at Enchanted Cottage

See Your Aura Live
Ever wonder what your aura looks like?
Now you can!
Introducing Live Aura Imaging
at Enchanted Cottage!

Aura Imaging is offered every Saturday
and is available by appointment only.
Please make appointment at least 1 day in advance.

Cost: $45.00 per person
MUST be paid in advance to hold appointment
Call Enchanted Cottage at 661-323-9929 to schedule
your Aura Imaging Session today!
Aura Imaging – See Your’s Live

See Your Aura Live. First of all, your aura will be captured by live video. You can then pick up a crystal and as a result instantly see how it affects your aura. Secondly you will get a snapshot photo and a report about your aura, and its electro magnetic field, and chakras.

Sessions are approximately 20 minutes.
Report is from 29 to 32 pages

  1. Learn About Your Yin-Yang Color Wheel Polarity
    The Yin-Yang Color Wheel Polarity Chart gives you a comparision of the colors of your right side
    (Male Energy) and the left side (Female).
  2. Learn About The Planetary and Astrological Color Influences in your Aura
    What is Your Color Sign?
  3. Learn about the Five Elements of your Aura
    The five element wheel shows the importance of the Chinese five elements in your energy field. These elements
    are wood (green), fire (red), earth (yellow), metal (white) and water (blue).
  4. Learn about the Four Levels in Your Aura
    These levels are Body, Emotion, Mind, and Spirit.
    The four levels indicate which part of your life is mostly emphasized.
  5. Learn About Your Relaxation Meter
    The relaxation meter is based on the temperature of your aura and shows if you are relaxed or stressed.


My reading was INTENSE and everything about everything was explained in detail and, based on my own personal knowledge of myself (who better, eh?) aside from a few cool things that I didn’t know, this was as dead on accurate as any reading of any kind that Ive had…a truly validating and enlightening experience – go do it!! Seriously… I highly recommend the Aura readings; like everything else at the Enchanted Cottage, this is a personalized study, focused on self awareness and healing…mine was a truly positive and eye opening experience!”
~ Lynda Fette

All this and much more
You will be amazed at what you discover

To learn more about what an Aura is check out Wikipedia